Routeradar files & flitsers

BuienradarĀ® B.V.
- May 28, 2015-PEGI 3
Andriod 4.0 and up +


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Product Description


The new route radar app you’ll see at a glance the delay, traffic jams and speed cameras on your daily routes.

Files and strobes on your routes?

Route Radar automatically learns your daily routes to like your work. So you know every day what the delay is in your fixed routes and if you strobes going to encounter!

Multiple routes to work?

Route Radar can also learn multiple routes to the same destination. Before you leave the road and you see what route for example, your work has the least delay and is the best choice. We help you smarter traffic, every day!

Route Radar is an initiative of Buienradar.

Key features:

Better informed
* Unique combination of real-time traffic information, Golfing live advice from other motorists

* Traffic before you go and the go

* Information about traffic jams, speed cameras, work accidents

* You can see the remaining length of the file where you stand and the average driving speed

* Not only flash on highways, but also in urban areas

Smarter route
* The new app learns your daily routes, you immediately see the files and flash for your routes!

* Before you leave you see the delay on your most traveled routes

* You’ll see all your routes for example, you work what the delay is

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly reduce battery life. Route radar is switched off automatically in the background to minimize battery consumption.

* When driving a map with traffic conditions in your area

Live advice from other road users

* Live warnings from other motorists for traffic jams, speed cameras and dangerous situations

* Do it yourself simple messages. The more people participate, the better the traffic!


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