Signature Capture App

Signature Capture App

Signature Capture App

Anshu Apps
- November 18, 2013-Unrated
Andriod 2.2 and up +


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Product Description

SignIt app allows a user to sign and take notes which can be saved and shared instantly in email or social media. Signature can also be saved in your DropBox folder.
Application also provides the option to encrypt the signature. Signature is saved as an image file in the device at a secure place and also in the Pictures folder or DropBox.
Setting screen allows user to choose different sharing/saving options:
* Share as image file .
* Share as encrypted text file.
* Share as text in the email body without any attachment.
* Save signature to your DropBox folder.
Any combination of these choices can be chosen.
Clicking on History screen will show the list of all the signatures saved in the device.
Signature image and encrypted text is saved as separate files in the SignItPicture and SignItpicturesEnc folder which are located in the Pictures folder of the device.
Notes and Sign Feature allows user to take notes and sign at the bottom. Notes and signature are then stored as a PNG file of JPG file in the download folder of your device.
Real power of the application is to use it in a proof of Delivery application where a driver delivers packages and collect customer’s signature as a proof of delivery. Signature text can be conveniently stored in a folder or in a database and later can be used to recreate the signature.
Default name of the signature is the the date and time at the time of saving (in the month-day-Year-Hr-Min-sec format). Give a name at the bottom of the page to overwrite the default. Image is saved as a PNG image by default. To save it as a JPG or JPEG, give a name with extension (example: abc.jpg or def.jpeg)
To convert encrypted Signature Text to an image. Please download Text2Image.exe from
Use this application to view or to save your signature to an image on your Windows PC.
Text is compatible with all the languages. A java, Windows or iPhone application can read this text to recreate the original signature image.


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