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Product Description

SmartTask POD is a revolutionary new way to achieve 100% proof of delivery for couriers, mailroom staff, or companies offering their own in-house delivery or collection services.

SmartTask POD is a simple, easy to use proof of delivery application that enables smartphone users to scan parcel barcodes, create exceptions and captures signatures upon successful delivery or collection.

Proof of delivery (POD) information including item tracking details, date/time, and a link to show the map location is then sent as a .pdf attachment to the email address supplied during the registration process.

SmartTask POD is free to download and use as a cost-effective standalone solution to track simple deliveries and collections and provide email PODs
We also have an upgrade option for access to our full cloud based track-and-trace solution with extensive reporting and searching capabilities. Combined with options to personalise your POD documents with your company logo and additional menu tailoring, SmartTask POD will dramatically reduce administrative overheads and improve your customer satisfaction experience. SmartTask interfaces to your existing business systems such as Accounts, or Order Processing using a variety of methods ranging from simple file import/export through to bespoke development and integration services if required.

The benefits of SmartTask POD are:

• Rapid set up to enable electronic PODs to be created and emailed immediately with minimal training.
• Eliminate delivery paperwork. Quicker, more accurate billing with fewer queries.
• Wide range of device specs and costs. We can advise on rugged smartphones with integral barcode scanners for medium/high use or semi-rugged consumer phones using the camera to scan.

SmartTask POD couldn’t be simpler to use. For more information, go to our website at and submit a contact request or just call us on 01494 444 044.


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