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Product Description

imeTrevler is a unique time and route recording app.

TimeTrevler was the first automatic start-stop function. Finally a really simple way to understand your travel and accommodation information.

An appointment lasts almost never exactly as long as it is in your agenda. Often at that time did not mind but if you start your hours later justify or send very difficult to trace. Invoice to your customer TimeTrevler records not only all the information, but it also shows clearly in your diary or on a plain list. You can also quickly and easily every residence and / or travel books directly on your project.

What makes TimeTrevler unique:

· Automatic start / stop function:
The key Trevler your registration automatically started and stopped. This unique feature has no other app. The Trevler key can be ordered on www.trevler.nl

· Privacy guarantee:
Through periods within which you can set your travel and accommodation information is recorded.

· Calendar link:
Your rides and staying organized in your calendar next to your planned appointments. In one view your schedule and reality.

· Projects and features:
Your visits and trips are shown in a comprehensive list. It was never so easy on a project to book your stay and / or ride or appoint.

· Reporting: Per project or period, several clear reports available.

Advanced background services; ask yourself how the app works when you are not using it.

– Background Mode Always
– Background Mode 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
– Background Mode Off.

/// Disclaimer ///

To register rides uses GPS even if the app works in the background, making the battery faster is empty. We recommend connecting a charger. The iPhone in the car
Continued use of GPS running in the background can Dramatically Decrease battery life. So it is advised to use it with caution and connect it in car to external power.


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