Auto Tool Box-Car Mileage

Auto Tool Box-Car Mileage

Auto Tool Box-Car Mileage

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Product Description

A streamlined tool that will help you keep track of all your vehicle records to keep your vehicle (car, truck, or motorcycle) running at peak performance and most efficient as possible. This tracker will help you keep records of all your vehicle expenses by making it easy for you to track your fuel usage, gas mileage (mpg), services, and expenses. It will also help you remember to do regular maintenance on vehicles such as oil changes and tire rotation by showing alerts at start up.
Standard Features:
• Import fuel, service, expense, trips, and parts data from csv files and aCar for your cars, trucks, and motorcycles logs.
• Multiple vehicle support logger
• Record keeping of fill-ups, services, expenses, parts, and business and personal trips.
• Automatic finding gas station brands based off of location.
• Automatic setting your record details based off of your most recent record.
• Reminders to help you remember to do regular maintenance such as oil changes.
• Ability to see your records and logs in a graphical display.
• Ability to see your record details on a record by record basis.
• Full statistics on your vehicle usage and expenses.
• Full size graphs of gas mileage (mpg), cost efficiency, fuel consumption, odometer readings, miles driven, gas prices, time between fill-ups, and more…
• Keep track of your essential vehicle information all in one place such as insurance company info, vin, registration renewal date etc…
• Keep track of specific parts, part IDs, when they were installed, and how much you paid for them for all of your cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Why should you want to do this? There are a number of reasons to keep track of your car, truck, and motorcycle records:
Vehicle Info:
• Easy access to all your info in one place (insurance info, registration, favorite service center contact info..)
Gas Mileage (mpg):
• It is helpful to understand how much you are spending on fuel on a daily basis.
• Monitoring your fuel efficiency can help you modify your driving habits to be more efficient.
• Big changes in fuel efficiency can be helpful to recognize engine problems before they leave you on the side of the road.
Services Performed
• Keep your vehicle running at peak performance.
• Knowing how much you are spending.
• Anticipate when you can expect the next service to be.
• Get reminder alerts at app start up for regular maintenance services.
Trip Mileage and Reimbursement
• Business
• IRS Tax
• Road Trips
• Know how much you are spending
• Know how much you spent on that part last time
• Know what the part number was the next time you need it
This is a tool for both the casual user and the serious tracker for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Focused on fuel efficiency, expenses, gas mileage (mpg), and services this tracker will help you improve your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. Uses GPS location to automatically find gas station and service station brand names.
Similar to aCar and FuelLog but better! (in our humble opinion). If you have any questions please contact us by email:


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