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Product Description

The CO2 Pro application calculates a company’s CO2 emissions, expressed in equivalent tonnes, in a comprehensive but simple manner, taking into account the different actions and energy consumption that may directly or indirectly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

The application calculates the carbon footprints based on the data compiled and entered by each company. The application also indicates which data is required and important to the calculation of CO2 emissions.

Seven different data categories have been created:

Fuel consumed in engines and boilers
Electricity, paper and water consumption
Fuel consumed in transport
Emissions associated to business trips
Emissions associated to staff travelling to work
Waste generated and wastewater management
Carbon offset actions performed by the company.

CO2 Pro presents the value of emissions in tonnes of CO2 equivalent, the tonnes offset by certain actions, and the total emissions following the deduction of these carbon offsets.

As such, CO2 Pro provides a view of the emissions in each of the six categories, both in absolute form and in terms of their percentage of the total emissions.

Using these results, a company can analyse and evaluate its environmental conduct in this vector, understand the structure of its internal emissions and take the necessary measures to reduce its carbon footprint.

CO2 Pro is a concise, user-friendly tool that has the necessary computing capability toprovide the high-quality technical service required by the most demanding companies.


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