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affilinet Publisher

affilinet Publisher

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iOS 7.0 +


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Product Description

affilinet Publisher is an easy to use free app that enables performance marketing specialists which have an affilinet account(s) to securely manage their business from their iOS devices.

Key features & benefits:

• Intuitive overview, see month to date performance graphically and drill down into details
• Real-time activity stream, filterable alerts for new programs and more
• Fast program search, find new programs, read descriptions and apply!
• Detailed statistics, check your performance by day or by program for any month
• Latest offers & vouchers, find & filter the latest promotions
• Speedy product search, use keywords to find products
• Order notification, configurable visual & audio alerts when commission has been earnt
• Currency conversion, show earnings from other countries in your native currency

affilinet Publisher is available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or higher


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