Wheels – Car Management

Wheels - Car Management

Wheels – Car Management

Vycero Solutions
Andriod 2.1 and up +


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Product Description

“Wheels” is an application which will make your life easy by just entering few details. This will track and log your mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance, and services and lets you know exactly how much your vehicle costs for you. Useful statistics such as fuel economy of the vehicle, total cost based on the mileage, average costs per distance or gas amount, average cost per month, per year or per driven distances are available in “Wheels”. In addition, this application will allow you to track all maintenance/services costs including insurance, annual tax payments, services etc…

Based on the few users inputs; “Wheels” can automatically calculate the requirements to be fulfilled to your next trip. For example used or needed fuel volumes and distances.

This is a very user friendly application where all the features can be used for free. The statistical graphs and interfaces are very attractive and again anyone can use them at ease. “Wheels” support any type or any model of vehicle.

You can take backups to your computer or to a SD card for your further references or calculations.

This application can convert kilometers/miles, liters/gallons mpg/100km and can use multiple currencies for calculations hence can be used in any corner of the world.

* Manage all your rides in one app (Cars, SUVs, Vans, and Bikes etc.)
* Record fill-ups with driver friendly interface, which fill all required fields automatically from history records and capture only the minimum required.
* Record other associated costs like services, repairs, parts costs, etc.
* Perform various calculations based on your history data
* Customizable units to support multiple countries
* Export your data in CSV format for further analysis or as backups
* Import data from other apps like (FuelLogPro)

We are continuously adding features, improving existing features and fixing bugs. Hence please drop us a mail on all your issues, new feature requests and suggestions to make this application no 1 free application for vehicle management industry.


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