SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker

SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker

SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker

Poignant Projects
- June 15, 2015-PEGI 3
Andriod 2.2 and up +


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Product Description

SeaStorm allows you to keep track of tropical storm and hurricane activity in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. Get quick access to what you need to stay informed during hurricane season! Features include:

• Quick overview of active hurricanes, tropical storms, depressions, and other cyclones
• Per-storm advisory & discussion text from the experts at the National Hurricane Center*
• Forecast cones (5-day uncertainty track), wind speed probability, storm surge maps (when available), and GOES Floater satellite imagery
• Background notifications of new and/or upgraded storms
• Share screenshots with any app that supports it
• Copy text reports to your clipboard
• A huge variety of regional summary, marine, and looping satellite maps to choose from
• Tap on any map to view full screen, with pinch-to-zoom, drag, and scroll support, even during loop playback!
• Optional Forecast Model Viewer Add-On: View forecast models (also known as spaghetti models) for active systems on an interactive map complete with panning, zooming, and individual model point information when tapped. Features selectable models, start time, and run length.** (See for more information on forecast models)

* Poignant Projects is not affiliated with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) or the NHC (National Hurricane Center)

** Forecast models can be CPU & memory intensive. The viewer will run on older devices, but newer devices will provide a better experience.


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