Airsoft FPS Calculator

Airsoft FPS Calculator

Airsoft FPS Calculator

Black Cable Development
- June 26, 2013-PEGI 3
Andriod 1.5 and up +


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Product Description

Airsoft FPS Calculator is a must have airsoft conversion tool for players and armorers alike.

This simple and easy to use tool is handy for sites that require specific FPS limits or Joule limits.
Convert between feet per second (FPS), meters per second (M/S) and Joules.

Airsoft FPS Calculator can also determine the equivalent velocity or energy on different weight BBs.

BB Weight / Velocity (FPS)
BB Weight / Velocity (MS)
BB Weight / Energy (joules)

Using the menu you are able to set a default calculation so the app will open to the calculation of your choice.

Note: The range calculation is an estimate which does not take into account factors such as air resistance. This should be used as gauge as actual range will increase with heavier BBs.


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