AeroPlus IFR Minima

AeroPlus IFR Minima

AeroPlus IFR Minima

Bright55 BV
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Product Description

A superb free app for use with your official government free approach plates!

For the seasoned IFR pilot in Europe, there is only one big hassle when flying an instrument approach. And that would be calculating the approach minima for the landing site. Big commercial companies will sell you approach plates which contain this data, but the free and official approach plates from the country you are landing in, normally do not state these figures.

The IFR minima app is a very simple tool that will provide the correct decision altitude/height (DA/DH) and minimum descent altitude/height (MDA/MDH) according to the latest EU-OPS requirements. Just enter the aerodrome and threshold elevation, enter the type of approach and set the autopilot requirement and obstacle clearance height. The apps will show you the correct DA/DH or MDA/MDH immediately.


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