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Product Description

Aircraft Vitals brings detailed technical aircraft information from the hundreds of aircraft manufactures document to the palm of your hand. Aircraft Vitals was designed with Airport Operators and Airport Planners in mind so that aircraft information can be at the users finger tips with no more than three taps of the iPad. You will be amazed at the ease of use and how quickly it leads you to the information that you are looking for.

Detailed Aircraft Information Includes:

* Maximum Take Off Weight
* Operating Empty Weight
* Zero Fuel Weight
* Payload
* Maximum Cargo Area
* Usable Fuel
* Seating Class
* Fuselage Height
* Entry Door Heights
* Tail Height
* Cockpit Eye Height
* Wing Span
* Fuselage Width
* Nose to Engine
* Centerline to Engine
* Length
* Wing Tip Height
* Engine Height
* Horizontal Stabilizer Height
* Horizontal Stabilizer Width
* Main Gear Span

* Runway Landing Distance Needed
* Runway Take Off Distance Needed
* Aircraft Range
* Maximum Speed

Ground Service Equipment
* Fuel Connection Points and Service Vehicles
* Electrical Connection Points and Service Vehicles
* Air Condition Connection Points and Service Vehicles
* Pneumatic Connection Points and Service Vehicles
* Lavatory Connection Points and Service Vehicles
* Water Connection Points and Service Vehicles
* Tow Motor Service Vehicles
* Cargo and Baggage Service Vehicles
* Stair Access

This is our first attempt to utilize the iPad platform to update how the Aviation Planners and Operators accesses and uses industry information. It is Aircraft Vitals’ goal to bring our industry to the digital world and we can use your help in achieving this goal. Please contact us with your comments and suggestions, check our website to see the new features we are working on and to let us know what you would like to see in future updates.


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