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With this apps, you will be able to calculate more used logistics calculation, such as volume weight in air cargo and cubing a sea freight container, you will also be able to have a quick consulting for the incoterms 2010.

Volume weight is used by major airlines for charging airfreight rate, remember air cargo will have a chargeable weight and this will be tha major of the following
-a) the gross weight marked on the scale
-b) volume weight calculated with the following mathematical relation
1kg = 6 dm3
Formula (Volumen / 6 ) * 1000

Cubing a Sea Freight Container is an useful tool when we want o figure out how many boxes can fit into some of the different sea freight containers such as
-1×20 and 1×40 Dry cargo and 1×40 Highcube
-1×20 and 1×40 Reffer containers.
This tool can be quite useful for quick calculation on the go, for closing unexpected sales and calculate availability of our warehouse stock.

Effective January 2011, new version and revision of the rules “Incoterms 2010” become mandatory, some of the incoterms 2000 changed and become in some new ones that will be helpful to have on hand to avoid confusion and unexpected international trading difficulties in the everyday activity

This mobile application is a service of GMFS Globalh Logistics (GMFS) offers for free for mobile users and is optimised for running in iphone and ipad devices.


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