Freelancer Admin – hour registration and administration!

Freelancer Admin - hour registration and administration!

Freelancer Admin – hour registration and administration!

iOS 5.0 +


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Product Description

Freelancer Admin – the ideal hour registration & administration app!

The first app where freelancers and one-man companies can finally track their hours in a user-friendly process. You can track hours, calculate driving distance, generate summaries/overviews and even send out invoices! Or Airprint them to give them immediately!

★ iCloud sychronisation! ★
Do you have an iPhone and an iPad? Or simply two devices? From now on all your data is safely backup up and synced in the iCloud and you will never have to enter the same data twice!

★ Export to PDF/CSV(Excel)/Doc/HTML ★
You can easily export overviews of projects to PDF, CSV for Excel, .doc for Word and to HTML for any other program you would like to use!

★Timer/stopwatch feature★
It has never been easier to track your hours! Simply press Start when you begin working and Stop when you’ve finished, and you can complete the registration with hours/minutes already filled in for you!

★User-friendly registrations★
This app uses the best proven process flow to register your hours, using the following screens:
★ Date
★ Client
★ Project
★ Activity
★ Notes
★ Hours, hour-rate and VAT-rate
★ Travel costs/other declarations

When you selected a car for travel costs you can automatically open the Google-Maps app from within this app to see the kilometers/miles.

Overviews can be generated per client or project(s), on a total project-basis or monthly basis, and you can email them or airprint them directly. Also you can generate invoices from the app and email/airprint them directly. On the invoice you can add a standard text above and below and also add a company logo! Once you have this app you won’t have to use anything else! Track your hours, generate overviews and send invoices!

★Ideas/suggestions? Email to, we love all feedback!★


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