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Product Description

Safety ADR© – Updated ADR 2013
ADR is the international agreement for the transport of dangerous goods by road, which stands for “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road”.

In English or Italian, Safety ADR 2013© is an app that allows you to:
– Search the full table A cap. 3.2 ADR for UN / name / class / other;
– Fill in the ADR for each subject “Report the substance” with the “Safety” parameter (1);
– Fill in the ADR for each subject “Tremcards P.0″(2);
– Get real time news on the home screen;
– See ADR labels, classes, Kemler.

The completed documents, “Substance Report” and “Tremcards P.0” are automatically stored and can be printed with Air Print or sent via e-mail in pdf format.

(1) Safety
The “Safety” parameter for information on the “Safety Area” (S.A.), depends on the quantity “Q” of carried goods and the code “Kemler” corrected by a “K” factor, for which it is believed that the goods to be transported duly bounded to that value in the event of an accident that could pose a risk to public health and safety (carefully read the Disclaimer).

(2) Tremcards P.0
The “Tremcards P.0” (Transport Emergency Cards – P.0) consists of 4 pages: Instruction in writing according ADR + Page “0” of Getting Started Certifico “P.0”.
The “P.0” was introduced in addition to the Instruction in writing according ADR to facilitate a better identification of the goods carried in emergency situation and as indicated in note 2 on page 3 of the Instruction in writing to add “Additional guidance”:

ADR cap. 5.4.3 Note (2) Instruction in writing: “Additional guidance shown above may be adapted to reflect the classes of dangerous goods to be carried and their means of transportation”

Safety and Tremcards P.0 are trademarks of Certifico S.r.l. – Italy.
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