TimoCom Transport barometer

TimoCom Transport barometer

TimoCom Transport barometer

TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH
iOS 6.0 +


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Product Description

TimoCom’s transport barometer App is now also your mobile access to all of TimoCom’s platforms! Whether it be the freight exchange TC Truck&Cargo®, transport tenders in TC eBid®, the tracking and calculation tool TC eMap®, the warehousing exchange for tailor-made warehousing and logistic space or TC Profile®, the European transport directory – with this app you can plan anywhere.

The transport barometer shows you the current freight – vehicle ratio in the European transport market. TimoCom, as market leader among the European freight exchanges, makes a wide variety of data available every second. The app makes this current market data in the transport sector mobile and easily available. This way companies can plan their schedule more efficiently, have a solid base for price negotiation and can also deal better with fluctuations.

Thank you to our users for making this app a great success! With your suggestions and constructive criticisms you help us to be able to continuously improve the transport barometer App. Please continue to give us your opinion:
– via e-mail to: apps@timocom.com
– via Twitter to: @TimoCom
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