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Product Description

Use Talent Driver to assess suitability of applicants for a position. The app allows you to match the talents of candidate on the ideal profile for the job.

Talent Driver – is designed for anyone who is professionally involved in the decision to hire someone or not.

As an influencer, manager or recruiter you can easily determine the ideal personality for the job.

Talent Driver:

+ Generate a talent profile based on an analysis of 12 TMA method motives;
+ Request a free online talent analysis to assess the talents of your candidate;
+ Determine whether a candidate matches your talent profile;
+ Predict if someone has the talent to develop into a top performer in the position.

Talent Driver:

– Designed for recruiters, managers and human resource managers
– Does not require registration or account
– Has no usage limit (number of functions is unlimited).

There’s also an Expert Edition of Talent Driver. This version is meant for recruiters and to used for mission critical positions.

For managerial positions we recommend using Driver Talent – Expert Edition.


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