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Caution! Grip is designed for drivers who work for an organization which uses the web application ‘Waste Notification. Grip does not work without the web application ‘Waste Notification.

Grip makes working with documents accompanying letters unnecessary for the driver. The driver has to wait less to get any signatures to keep a copy letters and guidance in delivering etc..

With Grip keeps the driver quickly and accurately the statutory records.

During the transport of waste is the driver required to have. Accompaniment letter with him The papers cover letter that this is brought into circulation is a form with 4 or 5 copies. More and more companies are discovering the drawbacks and costs of the hundreds or thousands of support letters they let go. Through the hands of several employees annually

Waste Notification is a web application from Thunder Build that allows to replace digital guidance letters. Papers guidance letters

First, choose the driver in Grip badges combination which waste transport will be performed (registration towing vehicle and trailer registration optional).

Then select the driver in Grip proper guidance letter to the route he is driving. The cover letter is now visible on the screen of the smartphone of the driver. All parties involved can also see the accompanying letter by logging in to the web application Waste Notification.

Grip supports the following methods to place a weight:
• Manually enter a quantity of waste (by driver or weighbridge master);
• Waiting for a weighting that is running on a connected weighbridge (WeegNet);
• Self perform a weighting on a connected weighbridge (WeegNet);
• Automatically enter a quantity of waste based on the loading capacity of the vehicle.

Grip can filter the list of selectable counseling letters based on GPS. The application can also based on GPS to determine that the driver on the location of destination has arrived and show an application to complete. Complete the accompanying letter

• Completely new design: Grip is totally redesigned and features a new design.
• Handling multiple locations: select location or create based on GPS.
• Extensive ritgeschiedenis more details, weightings and notes.
• Weighing with location code: now it is possible for the driver to perform a self-weighting on a connected weighbridge off. Weigh Bridges in the neighborhood are automatically found based on GPS.
• Settings can be set in Waste Notification, after which they are applied in Grip. Automatically a cover letter (template)
• No troublesome login with email and password more: login with QR code or PIN number is also possible.
• Weighing on origin location: it is now possible to place, after which the letter at the destination location can be completed on the origin location is already weighing on the letter.


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