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Container Fitter

Ali Shooshtarian
iOS 5.0 +


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Product Description

The main feature of Container Fitter is designed to give you real-time calculations for a close approximate of the number of units (cartons) you can fit into a container (or customs storage or space), with as many as possible laying flat. This feature also enables quick calculations to increase or decrease goods.

You can recalculate in real-time, the weight, price and CBM (Cubic Meter) of the consignment, as well as automatically calculate the total number of units weight, price per unit and CBM when you change the quantity of any selected goods.

Depending on your chosen container size, Container Fitter will in real-time it display the container status in the bar. If your CBM increases beyond the capacity of the container or custom storage, the interface will display in red to indicate that you have run out of space.

Container Fitter is not only standard container based. You can also create customised storage for your storage by entering the dimensions (Length, Height and Width) and the app will calculate your storage CBM as you create your Packing List.

With Container Fitter, you can create as many Packing Lists as you want. Each Packing List can be customised to your customer order. You can give the following details for each Packing List: Invoice No., Packing List No., Freight Cost and Buyer Details.

Container Fitter is able to generate the Packing List in three ways: Email Packing List, Email Invoice or Email “Combined Packing List & Invoice” (Recommended).

You can set the currency that you want and you can set language (English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional) for the email. You can also setup your company details: Company Name, Tel, Fax, Email and Website.

Container Fitter is suitable for businessmen, wholesalers, distributors, factories, import/export companies, stores, dealers, storage etc.

Container Fitter will not let you down. We are confident that this high quality and fully compatible (iPhone 5) app is our most exciting project yet.

There are many more features of Container Fitter, which you can explore for yourself, and we hope you find this application useful and enjoyable to use.

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