SOSmart Car accident detection and emergency

SOSmart Car accident detection and emergency

SOSmart Car accident detection and emergency

Anibal Madrid Carrasco
iOS 8.0 +


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Product Description

SOSmart is the ultimate emergency app. Contains everything you might need in case of emergency.

– SOSmart automatically detects car accidents sending a notification with the location of the car crash to emergency contacts that you had previously selected. Allowing them to call rescue services in no time. This enormously reduces the rescue time increasing the survival chances and saving thousands of lives every year.

– SOSmart has a panic button that sends the location of the user in case of any emergency. This allow your contacts to assist the user as soon as possible.

– When in an emergency every second matters. That´s why we allow yo to check nearby hospitals with a single click, and even show you the route.

– If you need help you must be able to communicate as quick as possible your location. SOSmart shows your aproximate address when you open the app.

Download SOSmart and you will always be prepared when facing an emergency.

Atention: In order to detect a auto accidents SOSmart MUST be activated. The continous uso of GPS working on background might consume good amount of battery but we appreciate more our lives than batteries.

Disclaimer: Although we improve our auto accident algorithm in a daily basis, please understand that given the limitations of the internal sensors of your smartphone we might not be able to detect certain car accidents. We still think is super useful in case of emergency to have SOSmart installed.

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