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Product Description

Fietsknoop: The cycling app for your bicycle with all cycling paths in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Brief introduction:
* Interactive route planner with synchronization between the website and apps.
* Plan and share your biking with friends or groups.
* Real-time GPS position within your planned bike route. It is hard to get lost now!

All features:
Interactive route planner for the recreational cyclist who shows all the nodes in your vicinity using location with which you can plan your own cycling routes and cycling.

Planned cycling routes can be seen in a node list, you can save the mail cycle route and even to take further later.

With a free bicycle registration button you can manage all your saved routes on multiple devices. Plan the route on your desktop or laptop and see the route right in your smartphone. Hassle equally available.

You can also add bike routes of others to your own list. Meanwhile, thousands of routes are available to anyone with a Bike Button registration!

Routes you can drive after using GPS. You see yourself on the map move with respect to the route. Convenient and so is getting lost nearly impossible. The rotating compass needle make it even easier to get your bearings!

Besides all these possibilities Fietsknoop provides you with the latest weather and you can share your routes via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to cycling, there are also references to:
– Addresses of catering and other occasions
– Charging poles for electric bikes
– Refreshments for a coffee or tea break
– Natuurkampeerterreinen for overnight stays
– Cabins in the Netherlands and Flanders
– All municipal bicycle

The ideal app and completely free!


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