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For car drivers in the Rotterdam area that would like to leave the car would leave at home more often and take the bike to go to work. As a driver in the Rotterdam region can now purchase a bicycle, e-bike or scooter with discount. By using the bike instead of your car, you contribute to a better accessibility and cleaner air in the Rotterdam region. Additionally good you feel healthy and fit and is ideal for relaxing at work or at home!

The Tweewielers Discount scheme is primarily to motorists in (the region) Rotterdam on average at least two times a week out of the car on a bicycle, electric bicycle or electric scooter. The municipality of Rotterdam and the Traffic Management Company will encourage its residents and employees to make more use of a two-wheeler, offering them a discount on the purchase price, with the idea being that the bicycle will actually be used. Participants of the discount will be supported by this registration app.

With 2Track&Go participants in the discount can now very easily make their journey registration insight! 2Track&Go follows the bike using the participant, the cycling kilometers keeps track and gives participants insight into his / her status with respect to the average use per week of at least two days.

For the conditions for participation in http://www.verkeersonderneming.nl/regelingen/fietsen and sign up. After an approved application, you can start using the app.


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