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Luminis Arnhem
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Product Description

The Bicycle Buddy helps you before and during the cycling of the fast cycle route RijnWaalpad between Arnhem and Nijmegen. You can plan the route to work and get advice clothing appropriate for the weather, but also information about speed and calories burned. In addition, you can earn trophies by many cycling on the RijnWaalpad. For Example:

– Greenhorn: if you save your first preference route.
– White jersey: if you have saved the route back.
– Tide Tiger: if you ride in all seasons.
– Piggy Bank: for saving fuel.
– By Trapper: if you are 100, 750 or 2500 km cycled.
– Do not sugar: if you are going to ride in the rain.
– World traveler: if you have cycled all RijnWaalpad.
– Pacemakers: if you’ve been 50 times in the tunnel under the A15.
– Scout: If you 3 times you have deviated fixed route.

Are you a cyclist through the bicycle tunnel under the A15 at Bemmel? Then you can decide with this app what color the light artwork must have when you cycle through the tunnel. If you ride often, you get more colors to choose from.


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