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Product Description

The free app you can easily record your cycle on your Android mobile. During cycling, cycling or mountain biking you can immediately see your speed, distance and cycled the route and the number of calories!
Ideal for cyclists, mountain bikers and recreational cyclists!

Your bike on a climb, then the app automatically measures your time for that climb and places them in the standings. So you can compare your time with those of your friends and other cyclists.

Key features: Dutch audio coaching, training goals, ghost-cycling, live tracking, levels, interval training, support for heart rate monitor and Twitter and Facebook integration.

* English audio coaching * is the only fietsapp with English audio coaching. While cycling you get every mile (or minutes) to hear your progress and speed with a status update.

* Training Goals and ghost-cycling *
Set your goal and the app will coach you there! Choose your desired time, distance, calories, speed, or the combination of distance and time and the audio coach will help you to achieve your goal!

With ghost-cycling can be a last time yourself or a friend select and then take up against here. You see a ghost on the map where you move should be. Can you stay for the ghost? Note: this is part of the paid Plus Package.

* Live tracking *
Let friends and family directly watch it with you and encourage you during cycling. They can cheer you on Facebook and Twitter and once you have received an encouragement will notify you of this audio coach. Note: Live tracking is part of the paid Plus Package.

* Heartbeat Band *
Link your Polar Bluetooth heart rate belt (available from the webshop through to the app and measure your heart rate during the race. Includes comprehensive analysis of heart rate zones in which you have trained.

* Twitter and Facebook integration *
On Twitter and / or Facebook to show. Disconnect your profile your results (automatically) to your friends

* Virtual flight over Dutch climbs *
View all Dutch climbs and their height profile. The animation feature lets you climb on the “fly” and see exactly where the pieces are steep. Of every climb you can also view the standings with the results of other cyclists.

* Detailed route information *
Because this app (if any) on all the Dutch cyclist aims can find you comprehensive route information for many cycling routes in the Netherlands. So you can include the review score, the route and times of other riders view.

* Personal profile *
With your free bike profile you can easily track all your sports performance. You’ve got access to your own blog and you can find comprehensive statistics look back on your performance.
Furthermore, you can keep track of your equipment and maintain a riding time with which bike you have ridden it.
Finally, you can also keep an eye on your health by your weight, blood pressure, pulse and body fat monitor. During the time

* Support *
Do you have a question or comment. Please let us know but NOT place we can not respond. These in a review, here Daarentgen Please contact us via the support options on the website: / support

* About GPS reception *
This app uses the GPS in your mobile. The accuracy of the measurement is largely dependent on the quality of the GPS in mobile. Some Android phones have unfortunately a poor GPS receiver and this can also be no accurate measurement made.

Always carry your mobile in a shoulder strap or you send to the receiver up and make sure you can be. Any task killers / managers


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