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Product Description

With FietsFinder you can find the most comprehensive information about bike shops in the Netherlands!

Endorsed by the Fietsersbond, FietsFinder quickly shows you a complete list of all the bike shops in your area. While you’re on the go, FietsFinder

will identify your location and in one step immediately show you all the nearest bike shops with extra information about rental and repair services.

One tap of the button and FietsFinder displays a map and gives you directions from your location.

FietsFinder allows you to view the most important details of every shop. This includes: shop name, shop photo, address and contact information,

opening times, services provided and shop rating.

After you have visited the shop, give it a review for other bikers to read.

If the information is incomplete or there is no photo you can upload them yourself without having to close the app.

FietsFinder also includes a “Dude, where’s my bike?” feature with which you can save the location of your bike along with a photo so you can easily find your bike at a later time.

Fast, easy, and accurate. FietsFinder is the ideal iPhone app for any bike owner in the Netherlands!

Includes ‘Fietsenstallingen’ from the DIVV Amsterdam Open data source

PLEASE NOTE: If you own an iPod Touch remember that it doesn’t have a built-in GPS and therefore it cannot locate your position accurately.


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