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Practice the traffic theory for the CBR official exam. You can unlimited practice exams, see the mistakes made by you and see which category your exam score good or bad. The questions are up to date and comply with the contents of the official CBR exam. Besides exam, you can also test your knowledge of the Dutch road signs.

All the examinations made and answers given by you will be saved on our server and can be viewed via the APP and the website. The exams you can also connect through Rijles.nl website.

You need an Internet connection. All questions and photos are downloaded from the server, so use preferably a good WiFi connection, so that the images load quickly.
1. There are only questions related laws and regulations, so no questions regarding hazard!
2. photos are poorly visible on small screens and devices and with low resolution. Preferably use a device with a large screen and (tablet) or a device with a high resolution.
3. you have no Internet then the APP does not work!

The APP and the exams are composed with care. Should you encounter problems while using this APP, we want to hear from you at: redactie@rijles.nl

Good luck with learning the theory!

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