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Veilig Verkeer Nederland
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Product Description

This app is for parents and children to prepare for the VVN practical traffic exam. With the app you can practice various routes, brush up your theory and check your bike.

Research shows that a large proportion of the children the practical traffic exam VVN not exercise with their parents. The app playfully works up to a point where you can on the street to go for the exam. Different routes can be chosen as the way to school, to grandma and of course the VVN school traffic route. On the basis of the road and traffic conditions specified by you on the route, follow key questions.

The theoretical part you can play alone or with someone else. In the app you can also check whether the bike for the VVN practical traffic exam in order and which parts still need to be trimmed. This tells you that you are ready to participate practically to the VVN traffic exam.

For parents, there are several tips for practicing the route. Especially if you often sit in the car, you do look different to the way than through the eyes of a child. Together, you can advance to go over the route; what road signs and traffic situations we think we are going to encounter? Then it’s time for the big adventure: the road! Finally, you can evaluate along the route, and specify which components you encountered. If you’re ready for the VVN practical traffic exam you see that on the basis of the traffic light, with all lights are green, you can safely start the exam. Have fun!

In this new version, the scores from the previous version are deleted.


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