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MAXS: Maximumsnelheid app ontwikkeld door Innovactory die eerder dit jaar TimesUpp -jouw persoonlijke reisassistent op de Nederlandse markt- introduceerde. De app is gratis te downloaden voor iPhone in de Appstore of voor Android in de Playstore of via

Innovactory is een jong bedrijf bestaande uit een team van oud TomTom medewerkers die
verantwoordelijk zijn geweest voor de ontwikkeling van HD Traffic, IQ Routes en MapShare. MAXS is één van de eerste apps met als doel revolutionaire mobiliteits apps te ontwikkelen die automobilisten helpen om steeds slimmer hun reizen te plannen en uit te voeren. Meer informatie:

Use MAXS, the Dutch maximum speedometer and you will now know how hard you can drive anywhere. And who drive too fast can get a speeding ticket, MAXS shows you the fine.

If you’re on the road you can see very precisely your current speed and how hard you can drive there. During the day or in the evening on the highway or on a local road MAXS indicates the border and warns if you are driving too fast. You know yet also not how hard you can drive on Dutch motorways, with MAXS this past!

MAXS informs motorists while driving over the speed limit on fast and provincial roads. The time-related speed limits are included in the app. MAXS increase road safety by keeping users informed of the maximum velocity during their journey. Motorists can thus stress-free driving. In addition, users of MAXS reduce the risk of a fine because people know exactly how may be hard ridden there. Especially since we also show you how much it will cost you if you are driving too fast.

Has MAXS it once wrong, that you can quickly pass and we MAXS fit for you and the other MAXS users.


• Your current speed
• The speed limit on all motorways
• The speed limit on all roads
• The speed limit on most roads
• Time-based speed limits (eg 100 between 6-19 h)
• If you exceed the speed limit you will be warned and you get to see the fine
Costs speeding in Netherlands
Research by RTL Nieuws, based on data from the CJIB shows that the number of fines since 2013 have increased by 10%. There are 7.9 million cars in the Netherlands. That means there is on average about one penalty per vehicle distributed in 2013. The Central Collection Agency (CJIB) sent 7.7 million fines on motorists who drove too hard. In 2012, there were still about 7 million fines. The total amount of all fines in 2013 is 467 million euros. Average motorists paid a fine of 60 euros. Maurice Mulders of Innovactory explains: “This application has all the potential to save money and make the roads safer.”

Speed ​​accidents on roads
The number of traffic deaths in the Netherlands last year were 570 people, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Less speed on roads can contribute to greater safety. published earlier rule of thumb: if the speed decreases by 1 mile per hour fall 3 percent fewer injuries and 5 percent fewer deaths. The app MAXS enhances safety by users to be aware of the speed limit during their journey. Motorists will get a clear picture about their speed and how hard should be driven there. It is the first app that has implemented the timed speed limits. The app requires no interaction and in a safe hands-free way, users are alerted visually and audibly when exceeding the speed limit.

MAXS: Maximum app developed by Innovactory earlier this year introduced Supp Time-your personal travel assistant on the Dutch market. The app is free to download for iPhone in the App Store or Android in the Play Store or via

Innovactory is a young company composed of a team of old TomTom employees
have been responsible for the development of HD Traffic, IQ Routes and Map Share. MAXS is one of the first apps with the aim of developing revolutionary mobility apps that help motorists getting smarter to plan and execute their travels. More information:


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