Rijden de Treinen

Rijden de Treinen

Rijden de Treinen

Rijden de Treinen
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Product Description

The best travel companion when you travel by train in the Netherlands!

  • One of the fastest transit apps for the Netherlands, even with poor coverage
  • Unique: see the length of your train
  • Jump quickly to service disruptions, live departure times and the journey planner
  • Very user friendly
  • Optional notification for service disruptions (subscribe to your favorite lines)
  • Fully translated in English, except service disruption messages (we can’t translate them automatically, but you can send them to Google Translate)

“Very fast… Requires almost no storage on your device.” – Android Planet

“Indispensable app for public transport users…” – DroidApp

NL Train Navigator is the best travel companion when you travel by train in the Netherlands! You are immediately notified about service disruptions on your railway lines. Live departure times are available for all railway stations, including information about train length. Finally, the journey planner allows you to plan trips throughout the Netherlands. And best of all: it’s free and has no ads!

NL Train Navigator provides information about all Dutch railway companies: the Dutch national railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), Arriva, Breng, Connexxion, Syntus and Veolia. There is also information available about international trains that run through the Netherlands, including Thalys, ICE International and all trains that cross the border with Belgium or Germany.

Do you often depart from the same stations? It’s easy to mark a station as favorite, just check the app settings. You can look up stations quickly by entering a part of the name or its abbreviation. The journey planner is also optimized for speed; you can search for the next departing train or find the last train of the day.

NL Train Navigator sends notifications about service disruptions. You can subscribe to service disruptions for your favorite railway lines, so you are notified about serious service disruptions in advance. You can also choose to disable all notifications.

For Dashclock users: a Dashclock extension is included in the app, so you can see the number of service disruptions in your Dashclock widget. You don’t need to install a separate Dashclock extension to use this feature.

The app has a user-friendly and modern Android design, and is also fully compatible with tablets.

More information

For more (background) information about traveling by train in the Netherlands, and more details about service disruptions, visit the NL Train Navigator website at www.rijdendetreinen.nl. NL Train Navigator uses data provided by the Dutch Railways (NS), but this app is not affiliated with NS or any other transport company. This app is called Rijden de Treinen in Dutch.

Please rate the app and leave a comment if you like it. Thank you and have a nice journey!


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