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Product Description

Have you ever forget to check with your smart card? If you had more than 30 minutes late by train?

OV Butler helps you in recovering your money!

Everyone forgets to check out. The cause may lie to yourself or to the gate where you want to check out. If you have not checked out this cost you money often. And that’s a shame!

Sometimes it is difficult for carriers to get your money back. OV Butler would like to help you there.

You can log in with your account from OV Butler www.ov-chipkaart.nl. OV Butler then pick you last made tours and your balance. You will see immediately whether you have forgotten something to check out. Per trip, you can specify whether you want to claim.

If you’ve already entered your details, you send your claim to OV Butler. He makes sure that your claim with the appropriate carrier coming!

*OV Butler does not have access to your data. You can enable it via http://www.ov-chipkaart.nl


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