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Provincie Noord-Brabant
Andriod 4.0 and up +


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The Brabant OV App
The Brabant OV App you are always and everywhere up to date with the latest travel information in Brabant and beyond. This will take you as Brabant OV traveler never any surprises. The App is also possible to plan in conjunction with your student transportation. Your business appointment

The Brabant OV App also offers Brabants news from your region and wonderful GPS guided trails in the province. The App also provides a variety of useful and interesting destination information, such as smart card charging stations, museums, cinemas, restaurants, parking. etc..
The Brabant OV App is available for all public transport passengers using public transport in the province of Brabant and beyond. Do you have tips, comments or suggestion to improve the App? These are always welcome via the feedback option in the app. Nothing wrong with the Brabant OV App.

Functions of the Brabant OV App are:
1.Landelijke planner
3.Reisadvies with location / destination bound Point of Interest
4.Landelijke Timetable
5.Agenda planner with OV transport
6.Brabants News
7.Brabantse trails


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