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Product Description

Features of this version of the vid app, which almost all known bugs are fixed it, are:

– CURRENT TRAFFIC: is reliable and current traffic information for A and N-roads directly from the VID control room.

– TRAFFIC ON YOUR ROUTE: Make several alternative routes for the trips you make the most. You can compare the travel time of the various routes, but also use the routes of the ‘on my way’ mode. The app provides traffic information specific to your route(s).

– MOVE MODE: By clicking the wheel of a travel option you get into the ‘on my way’ mode. This is intended for use during the ride and always compares the travel time to the travel time of alternative routes. Moreover, determined on the basis of the route you follow, the app itself which alternative yet, or is available again. Near your destination, various route alternatives come together again. So you can always make the best choice on the go. You also receive all reports, incidents, detour routes on your route, the remaining travel date updated (so you always know what time you’re at your destination). Also you can see the speed limit in force where you are currently driving.

– WORK AT HOME: WORK AT HOME gives advice based on your personal settings and the current traffic situation on your home-to-work route whether it is wise to (temporarily) to work at home and prevent unnecessary delay. The app sends you (if desired) automatically push message when the delay is resolved so you can still choose to go to work without delay.

– ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The app allows you to watch images from the traffic cameras. The app also contains information about public transport. The current OV-departure information in the area where the user is located. It is used for the possible continuation of a journey by public transport.

– LINK TO THE VID WEBSITE: You can use a user account from the app also log on to the VID website. The traffic thus tailored to your profile, and you can also look back details of the trips you made.

This app contains banner ads. You can carry out a one-time in-app purchase to turn off the ads. Continue Naturally previously made in-app Purchases funds, so you have already purchased the expansion than the app ad remains free (choose this “Restore Purchases”)


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