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With the departure of alarm TimesUpp you always arrive on time at your next appointment.
TimesUpp knows the traffic jams in the Netherlands, calculates the delay, gives you a push message when it’s time to go and displays from now through the next destination to your TomTom so that you do not have to set the navigation system.

Should you find a parking spot? That time we set off. We even show whether public transportation is faster than the car.

“An innovative idea: this app notifies you when you have to go to your next appointment.” Iculture

“The idea behind the app is simple but effective.” Even TimesUpp scores with the refined appearance. TimesUpp was rewarded with the judgment GOOD. “Consumers’
TimesUpp – departure alarm is loaded with intelligent features:

– An alarm departure focusing on the next date, location and road congestion.

– Link your blog to TimesUpp and automatically receive push notifications for your appointments.

– We’ll get you to your next destination by TomTom, so you have to put yourself in the navigation system.

– Compare the journey by car, public transport and cycling.

– Calculates parking time and gives parking suggestions (including available patches).

– The most accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA), thanks to data from TomTom Traffic.

– Share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) through WhatsApp or email.

– Clear map with traffic jams and parking in Netherlands.

NB TimesUpp uses your GPS signal, even if the app is running in the background. The use is very limited, but it can ensure that your battery goes down faster.


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