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Product Description

Indispensable for the modern taxi company !

This app is designed for taxi drivers only. For taxi customers taxiID has user customers apps. Download it directly from the store or for more information, visit

The taxiID driver app is part of the online services that taxiID offers to more 2000 taxi businesses.

This app can be used as a basis for an advanced online Track & Trace system. The app communicates vehicle positions, availability information, route and entry and exit times. This data can be used for fleet management and trip planning.

See at a glance the current vehicle position and availability of colleagues within your group and put rides through from the user menu.

  • Switch between “free” or “busy” with one button press
  • Process trips easy via the app. All trip information in one menu
  • Complete online history
  • Send and receive rides to or from colleagues
  • Quickly enter addresses or select from a list of favorites
  • See what colleagues are nearby (map or list)
  • Send the trip to specific colleague or dispatch automatically
  • Use the taxiID drivers app as solid Track & Trace System
  • Using Drivers app in conjunction with your existing scheduling software

I want taxiID drivers use app, how does it work?

Register your taxi company online at or contact us via

Pay attention: using GPS in the background reduces your phone’s battery charge.


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