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Product Description

N361 Safe is an app from the province of Groningen which road users of the N361 between Groningen and Lauwersoog their own driving behavior can be compared with that of other road users. The N361 Observe the maximum speed, then you automatically earn points for great attentions or discounts at businesses along the N361. So your trip to Wad City not only safer but also cheaper. The app measures using the GPS function on your smartphone how your ride on the N361 runs. If you install the app and create an account, activate the app automatically when you drive on the N361.

N361 Safe App offers:

· Access to your own driving
· Current information on your last ride ride on the N361
· Information on the average behavior on N361
· Your accumulated number of award credits and amenities and discounts where you can save for
· Current information on the N361 Safe project
· Current information on the infrastructure and enforcement measures on the N361 Safe


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