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Product Description

MapFactor Navigator is a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Android with postcodes and maps from OpenStreetMaps. Maps and postcodes are installed on your device or SD card so there is no need for an Internet connection when travelling. Maps are updated every month for FREE.

MapFactor also makes the popular NavigatorFREE GPS navigation software for PC, Pocket PC and WinCE, also with postcodes and maps from OpenStreetMaps.

OpenStreetMaps are created and updated by the community at

optional TomTom GPS navigation maps and postcodes are also available

If you wish to get help or provide feedback please email, we cannot support you on Google Play.

Voice guidance
* intuitive voice navigation in different languages
* door to door route planning
* cross-border routing without the need to switch between countries or to a less detailed maps
* overview of the upcoming manoeuvre and distance shown on the screen

GPS satellite navigation
* 2D/3D mode allows realistic visual maps display
* day/night modes switch colour schemes for day or night time driving
* GPS maps rotate in driving direction, or north up

* find nearest points of interest
* postcodes
* full GB postcodes (1.8 million)

Speed cameras
* hear audible warnings as you approach speed cameras

* add your own favourite locations and routes
* routing modes for car, pedestrian, truck
* route avoidance – block off certain road from your route


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