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auditweaver App for Android

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auditweaver Description from Publisher:
Auditweaver allows enterprising users to take full control over their business’ supply chain while on the go. This app allows tech savvy business managers to connect with every link in their logistics ladder, optimize the way they do business, and stay ahead of the curve- all from their Android device.Don’t play catch-up any longer. Get Auditweaver and have your supply chain at your fingertips regardless of where you are.

Staying connected with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, all while effectively adapting to ever-changing logistical situations, is integral to running any business’ organizations smoothly. Auditweaver is here to help.

Auditweaver gives you the power of logistics chain connection, communication, and mobilization. The app offers:
* B2B Material and Quality Tracking.
* Document Management
* Chain of Custody tracking & reporting.
* Generation of Certificate of Analysis and Material Specification reports.
* Localization features enabling use in many languages including:
English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Swedish.
* Customizable testing module to handle material approval.
* Bill of material organization and electron approval routing.
* Automatic alert notifications for critical production and compliance issues.
* Barcode compatibility (on camera equipped devices).
* Full traceability of all data and information generated within the system, including full audit trail functionality.
* Ability to store, manage and control all documents associated with the workflow.
* Like most cloud systems, there is no upfront capital, support, or maintenance required.
* Fully scalable, with global reach.
* Integrated with for easy file import from your box account.
* Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Nook devices.

Connect to your supply chain and help them connect with one another:

The Auditweaver platform enables business owners and everyone in their unique supply chain to share data in real-time. It’s a simple yet effective notion: When every link in the supply chain is connected, it has the power to move fluidly. If a manufacturer’s schedule changes without notice; distributors know instantly, end-sellers react on time, and no one is left scrambling to get their business back on track.

Connecting businesses with Auditweaver is as simple as sending and accepting invitations into business circles. Once connected, companies are able to share data automatically and, if its time to part ways, host companies can revoke access to connections with a few simple clicks.

Keep tabs on business materials from the moment you order them:

Auditweaver’s software allows users to track the materials they need for their business from the moment of purchase to the moment they arrive. Every step in the journey is tracked, providing users full cycle chain-of-custody for all materials ordered.

Compatible with camera-enabled mobile devices, the app includes QR code identification features, allowing users to log materials as they move through their supply chain, without delay or hassle.

Users can create customized automated alert notifications to receive updates on materials and supply chain status without opening Auditweaver. The app includes effective reporting templates to help busy managers, and owners alike, save time, make fewer mistakes, and stay ahead of the curve in their day-to-day work.
Auditweaver is developed by Audit Weaver, LLC.


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