eMobits boordcomputer app

eMobits boordcomputer app

eMobits boordcomputer app

- May 27, 2015-PEGI 3
Andriod 2.2 and up +
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Product Description

Ernie Soft Mobile Information and Tracking System (EMOBITS)

This app enables you to follow live your drivers on a simple, smart and fast way to map and control tasks.

eMobits is an onboard computer in your vehicle in the form of an app. Suitable and designed for any type of logistics company. You get 100% on-board computer for a minimal investment and low monthly fees.

No messing with costly for investment or complex and time-consuming installation and mounting.
You can get started quickly with eMobits. This prevents your material must stand still for installation of required hardware. This also saves you and your material time and money. We also support the ability to link the app to a driver or a truck.

eMobits to be offered in two variants, namely:
A. Track and Trace
B. Track and Trace, Messaging, Tasks, Dynamic (mandatory) question path

Option B: This option offers you include the following: time tracking of drivers, jobs sent from your (planning) system to control your drivers, asking trails for all activities and responses received back into your (planning) system, individual messages send and receive your driver if desired directly in your (planning) system.

Both versions come with a back office system, namely a web portal. The portal can be followed live on a map where your vehicles are located, whether they are moving, how fast vehicles are moving and in which direction. All this is easily made visible to you with several methods without the need to click on something.
If you use variant B the portal also features a cockpit, here you can immediately see that all vehicles are involved and how long drivers logged.
You can also view historical data in the cockpit. This historical data, you can: or display on a map in the form of a driving route, or you can view a table in which activities are carried out when and for how long.
Furthermore, the portal on a task window and allows you to monitor which jobs are on the device, which tasks your driver is doing and what tasks still to be implemented.
Also in the portal you also have access to a messaging center. In the message center, you can live all communications / messages exchange between you and follow all your vehicles. You can also format a new message and send it to your vehicle.

eMobits is provided by Ernie Soft. Ernie Soft is a software company that specializes in developing information systems for logistics companies. So Ernie Soft next eMobits also a developer and supplier of client-server software such as:
– A TMS (CRM, order management, scheduling and billing system) called e-Lips
– A salary-flow system according to the Dutch CAO haulage called ECAO
eMobits can also be linked to both systems. Also, coupling to other external systems through various APIs.


Drivers can report road for only own containers at Port Base, PSA and DP World *.

* This function is only possible in combination with e-Lips TMS and only for the terminals which you also have to report in e-Lips.

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    Nice app, but only works with the full eMobits package

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