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Product Description

Matserve Msafiri is a road safety android app. Matserve Msafiri enables users to report about over speeding,crime, reckless driving among other road menaces to mitigate against road accidents caused by avoidable human errors and impunity.

The salient features of the Matserve Msafiri app are Speed Check and Community Policing. Speed Check enables users to detect the exact speed the vehicles they are traveling in is moving. If over speeding an alert is generated which can be used by relevant authorities to act. The Community policing feature allows passengers to volunteer vital information on traffic illegalities while ‘Toa Sauti’ allows them to provide feedback to the PSV operators about the quality of service.

Matserve Msafiri also helps motorist keep track of their vehicles by receiving notifications anytime their vehicles are mentioned in a report through the vehicle tracking component.

The app puts the power to act in the hands of passengers effectively saving lives on our roads, fosters provision of  better services in public transport,and makes traffic navigation easier in a fun to use package. It is definitely an app you want to have in your mobile device, for all the right reasons.


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