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Product Description

We all see bad drivers on the road every day. It’s time to claim our roads back. Turn your iPhone into a smart dashcam and join the connected driving revolution!

Nexar is the world’s first smart dashcam app. It will help you stay protected on the road and avoid getting into tough spots. Record all dangerous events while you drive – whether someone cuts you off, or you get into an accident. You’ve now got proof!

Incredible, cutting-edge, dashcam features:
• Automatically detects hard brakes and accidents
• Intelligent automatic storage management – you’ll never run our of space
• Always-on: records all road events and saves them (everything goes to our servers)
• Share footage with the police, or with your insurance agent in case of a claim!
• Ridesharing? Use the in-car camera to record and deter scary passengers
• And, it’s completely free!

**Why you have to sign up with facebook or phone**
Currently, you must be signed-in in order to use Nexar, as we are a cloud-powered service and so have to have a way to validate your identity when, for example, you want to review your rides in the future.

We’re just getting started. Nexar will not only help you in case of an emergency, it will also connect you to a network of dashcams so that together we can make driving safer.

Nexar will take your driving experience to the 21st century and bring your car into the connected-driving revolution no matter whether you are driving an old Chevy, or a brand new Tesla.

Disclaimer: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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