Rijkswaterstaat inspiration app

Rijkswaterstaat inspiration app

Rijkswaterstaat inspiration app


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Product Description

Rijkswaterstaat inspiration app gives virtual reality (VR) information on Shipping Traffic Management in the Netherlands.

This app is brought to you by Public Works. Public Works strives to make the information in this app with the utmost care. However, it can occur due to unforeseen circumstances that the information provided on or via this app obsolete parts, not complete and / or (part) is incorrect. It can often avoid, without further notice, and if the circumstances ask, Rijkswaterstaat change the information provided on or via this app in content and presentation.

To the periodic therefore advisable whether the information provided on or via this app information including the text of this page has changed. The information offered or used through this app consists partly of information Rijkswaterstaat own tasks and therefore less suitable for other purposes.


By using this app and / or using the information provided on or via this app information you agree to the applicability of the following. Rijkswaterstaat does not accept any liability for any direct and / or indirect, punitive, or consequential damages (including without limitation loss of profit, business interruption, loss of reputation and missed assignments) that in any way arising from, including but not limited to:

  • defects, viruses or other faults in equipment and other software in connection with access to or use of this app,
  • use of the information offered on or through this app,
  • the functioning or non-availability of this app,
  • abuse of this app
  • loss of app
  • downloading or use of software made ​​available through this app, or
  • claims by third parties relating to use of this website, all this except to the extent that the damage resulted from willful misconduct or gross negligence of Rijkswaterstaat or its managers.

if you discover a vulnerability in this app or any of the other ICT systems RWS where you are dealing with? Please let us know first before you make this known to the outside world.


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