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Product Description

This app helps you to avoid being distracted by your smart phone during driving. It can only be used in combination with a small device, the SafeDrivePod-device, that has to be mounted in your car. The device monitors whether you’re in the car and driving. The app has to be running on your phone at all times and Bluetooth Low Energy has to be enabled at all times. The battery cost of the app, however, is minimal and not noticeable. When the car speed is above 10 km/h, the app will move to the foreground and stay there untill you stop for more than 30 seconds. During that time it is impossible to use the phone other than hands free calling.
When the app is not used correctly, by e.g. turning off Bluetooth, so that you can still use your phone in the car, this is reported to the server and eventually to your boss, lease company or insurance company (depending on your contract) from whom you got this life saving product.
Of course, this is not to make your life miserable, but to make sure you stay alive!


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