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Scania Data Watch

Scania Data Watch

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iOS 8.3 +


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Product Description

The professional driver’s choice to watch over their vehicle, the Scania Data app connects to the Scania Fleet Management System and provides drivers the most useful vehicle metrics directly on their wrists. Helps them analyse their vehicle’s fuel and AdBlue consumption, their driving styles and all weekly transport expeditions in detail.

Fuel data—Gives you instant overviews of current fuel and AdBlue levels as well as current average fuel consumption, contrasted with average consumption from the last seven days – all summed up with a nice at‐a‐glance consumption trend analysis.

Driving support score—Analyses driving behaviour over time and gives concrete and concise score values to help increase driving efficiency. Aiding in lowering both fuel consumption and wear on the truck.

Transport metrics—Information about average distance, speed, trend analysis, and data about current and weekly transport work.


How to use the app:
Launch the app from your Apple Watch and follow instructions.

Alert and informed driving is safe driving. Set up initial app parameters before you drive.
If you don’t want to get any messages or alerts, make sure to set the watch to “Do not disturb”. This is how you do it on your Apple Watch:

1. Press the Digital Crown until you get to the watch face.
2. Swipe up to bring up glances.
3. Swipe all the way left to get to the Settings glance
4. Tap on the Do Not disturb button (moon icon)


We welcome your thoughts and any feedback on how we can improve this app. Use the Feedback button in the Scania Data app to contact us.
From data to information to knowledge to wisdom, drive safely!

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”


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