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With SMART, you avoid traffic jams, plan the quickest route and choose an environmentally friendly means of transport. With SMART mobility app you have full overview and compare your current route for each duration, calorie consumption, costs and CO2 emissions of your journey by car, public transport and cycling.

Determine the departure of each trip transportation with the shortest actual time. With SMART Mobility app you deliberately choose an optimal route. At the same time win cool prizes to travel efficiently and achieve the targets! You make the choice of the bicycle or public transport? Then you burn more calories, use less CO2 per month and win a free movie ticket or one of the other great prizes! SMART is completely free, so try it now!

The SMART app learns from your behavior and gives you quick advice to optimize. Your travels You also receive personal statistics and additional information about routes you travel frequently.

Twente Mobile users earn points with each registered bike ride financial compensation, which can now ride registration automatically via the app. Twente Mobile users can connect directly to the SMART app. Go the challenges, check your results and also win great prizes. SMART motivates you to take the bike or traveling in Enschede, Hengelo and the Twente region. Using public transport

SMART stands for Self-Motivated And Rewarded Travelling is an initiative of the Municipality of Enschede. In all your travels SMART automatically measures with which means of transport you are traveling through the chosen route and speed. SMART measures how fast you are traveling from A to B; which route and means of transport you have chosen; how many calories you consume you; the impact of your journey on the environment and the costs incurred by its transport and travel.


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