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Product Description

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

TollTrack (South-Africa) automatically tracks and logs all e-Toll, Bakwena,Trac and N3TC Gantries you pass through.

TollTrack is the perfect tool to help you calculate and log these toll costs with minimal effort by just pressing the “START” button and driving the route, turning your mobile phone into a personal toll tracking, costing and logging device.

Toll Tracking and Logging

TollTrack uses your phone’s built-in GPS to automatically detect when you enter a specific gantry, then displays and logs the description, relevant costs, discounts and date/time information. TollTrack will automatically calculate and deduct the relevant discounts based on the information provided by the user. The log screen displays monthly summaries and totals for gantries passed within a given month.

Just be sure that your smartphone has a good GPS reception, press “START” and let Toll Track do the work.

Trip Logs (PRO version only)
Log and save trips to determine the the costs of each individual journey.
Information includes time and miles travelled, from and to address.
You can view your entire trip on the Trip Map View, detailing the route travelled.

Mode cycle (PRO version only)
Cycle through the following costs totals:
– Current Month
– From Start
– Trip Computer

Runs in the background
TollTrack runs in the background tracking all your toll costs whilst you can follow the directions of your favourite
Navigation App.

Individuals will soon have total control over their monthly travel budgets and businesses will be able to make informative operational decisions. Start tracking your tolls today !

Support Tolls:
Features all South-African toll gantries
Trac N1N4
N3TC (N3 Toll Concession)

– Auto Logs/Tracks gantries passed through.
– Supports all user types.
– Detailed Monthly Logs.
– Route Calculator and Planner.
– Trip Computer and costs calculator.
– Export your data email.
– TollTrack LIVE.
– Trip Computer.
– Trips (Save, view, export trips).
– Trip (Google) Map view.
– Mode Cycle
– Trip Share via Twitter & Facebook.
– Runs in the background.


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