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Product Description

TRANSPark helps commercial drivers and road transport fleet managers easily find and add secure and comfortable parking areas in over 40+ countries worldwide. It was created to prevent freight and fuel theft by listing security features available for each parking area, as well as listing available amenities to improve driver comfort while on duty.

TRANSPark’s online community makes it easy for drivers and managers to communicate and stay connected throughout the entire journey. The new check-in feature also helps users discover available languages spoken by drivers in nearby parking areas.

With TRANSPark, you can:
Search, locate and contact parking areas and fuel stations:
– Near you, up to 400km away
– Along your planned itinerary

Search for or select parking areas based on:
– Security levels (cameras, dangerous goods accepted, 24/7 guard, fences, flood lighting)
– Comfort levels (fuel station, sanitary facilities, hotel, restaurant/buffet, coffee shop, medical assistance, electric connection, vehicle repair, vehicle wash)

Join the community of truck, bus and coach drivers
– Create your own profile
– Find and get connected with buddies
– Check-in at a parking area to tell other drivers where you are located (Only spoken language info will be shared. Username, first and family names will remain confidential.
– See all languages spoken by other drivers who have checked-in at nearby parking areas
– Publish and share your status
– Publish and share photos along your journey
– Publish and share web links
– Possibility to connect with your Facebook account for simultaneous posting
– Comment, like and see updates from your social network
– Subscribe and receive notifications via various IRU communication channels
– Recommend the app to your friends
– Information concerning access restrictions that may occur in certain cities. This information is provided by

Contribute and help other drivers:
– Add your favourite parking areas that are not yet available in the app
– Update or add information on a parking area
– Rate and share your experience on parking areas you visit


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