S2K Proof of Delivery

S2K Proof of Delivery

S2K Proof of Delivery

- April 28, 2015-Unrated
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


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S2K Proof Of Delivery app is integrated with our S2K Enterprise software that allows delivery personnel to see stops, mark deliveries, indicate exceptions and collect payment for any COD orders. This app eliminates any paperwork that is currently used between the time shipment leaves your warehouse and the driver comes back at the end of the day

POD is transmitted in real time from the field. In the event a data connection is not available, the device stores this information and transmits when a data connection is available. This app will captures the signature as an image file and name of the receiver, exact GPS location, time of delivery and other relevant information. All this information is then used for generating a Proof of Delivery PDF document including the signature that can be emailed to the customer. In addition to that with the help of a bluetooth printer your personnel can generate a delivery confirmation receipt right on the spot.


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