LogiScope – proof of delivery

LogiScope - proof of delivery

LogiScope – proof of delivery

Rocket Consulting Ltd
- September 12, 2014-PEGI 3
Andriod 4.0 and up +


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LogiScope is an all-encompassing real-time mobile Proof Of Delivery (POD) and logistics management application, designed to facilitate all aspects of the logistics process and provide all necessary information at the right time in the right context from a single mobile application.
– Driver Delivery Manifest
– Proof of Delivery and Collection
– Delivery and Return Management
– Vehicle Routing and Tracking
– Vehicle and Driver Performance
– Vehicle Road Worthiness

This is the free DEMO version only.
You can find out more about LogiScope and how to purchase the full version at www.logiscope.co.uk

Starting with configurable vehicle roadworthiness checks the driver is able to complete both interior & exterior inspections on the device. Reason codes, narrative & photographs can be captured to support any vehicle issues allowing for swift resolution.

Upon completion of checks the driver downloads their delivery manifest confirming the schedule of deliveries and collections. A summary screen displays the delivery and collection schedule, inclusive of total trip distance, ETA also any booking time adherence problems.

Commercial vehicle routing considers applicable routes for the vehicle type, also taking traffic conditions into account before providing turn by turn directions to the driver.

On arrival at the delivery/collection point all necessary information is displayed including a dynamic clipboard with any special instructions to make the delivery or collection process as smooth as possible. Deliveries and collections can be skipped or accepted either clean or with discrepancies before the recipient name and signature are captured on device. In the case of discrepancies supporting reason codes, narratives and photographs can be captured providing the back office with full visibility of any problems facilitating proactive decision making and improved customer service discussions.

Not all features are available in this free demo.

Detail Functions
Driver Delivery Manifest
– Electronic driver delivery/collection task list
– Estimated time and mileage remaining
– Planned delivery date/time
– Delivery item details: shipping units, products and quantities, returnable items
– Delivery special instructions

Proof of Delivery/Collection
– Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) with recipient signature capture and print of name
– Geo-coordinates of delivery/collection location
– Time and date stamp

Delivery / Return Management
– Products delivered confirmed by line item
– Discrepancy handling with reason codes, narrative and camera support
– Collection confirmation and returns management

Vehicle Progress and Efficiency
– Event warnings to avoid service failures
– Estimated time of arrival management
– Re-routing, task addition and activity re-sequencing
– Vehicle positioning and tracking
– Delivery status

Integrated Vehicle Routing
– On the fly routing optimisation
– Map view of route plan with collection and drop points
– Dynamic estimated times of arrival
– Remaining driving distance and time to support adherence to driver hour’s regulations
– Commercial routing for restriction avoidance
– Industry leading audible turn-by-turn GPS directions

Vehicle Roadworthiness
– Interior and exterior vehicle checks
– Fault capture with camera support
– Enforce compliance with vehicle checks legislation
– Capture information for periodic service inspection
– Compliant with vehicle agencies e.g.VOSA, CITA, CVRT

Logistics Management Cockpit (Backend feature only, not part of mobile App)
– Provide real time logistics information
– Web-based access to allow easy access from anywhere
– Delivery reports and drill down
– Vehicle location tracking
– Key attributes of vehicle and route/activity status
– Management Reporting
– Key Performance Indicators
– Messaging and Event Management


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