Air Navigator IFR

Air Navigator IFR

Air Navigator IFR

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Andriod 2.2 and up +


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Air Navigator IFR can make a difference in your cockpit.

– This is the GPS APP that can not miss on your smartphone during your flight VFR or IFR.

– With it, simply choose one of more than 263.000 waypoints (ILS VOR NDB FIXES OR AIRPORTS) in the database or one of the user-defined and ready. Just follow the HSI and reach the destination.

– All world covered on most complete database in Google Market:

– 17.000+ ICAO Airports
– 229.000+ Fixes
– 6.600+ ILS
– 4.500+ VOR
– 6.200+ NDB

– Another important feature is that any time you can see the decoded METAR of destination airport with only one touch on the screen.

– Designed to be simple to use, no complicated functions and without maps, which, in many cases, hinder and confuse the user with small screen devices.

– To further facilitate the user’s life, this APP has been translated into three languages ​​(English, Spanish and Portuguese) which are adjusted according to the language of your smartphone.

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