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With the Goodyear Road Safety App you can organise your holidays in a European foreign country much more comfortable and gather a lot of important information before going on vacation as well as at your holiday spot.
And you don’t even have to be connected to the internet abroad. After downloading the app at home you can use the entire contents and functions anytime and anywhere for free. Relevant links are also part of the app, e. g. to automobile associations. To get in contact, however you have to be online of course or have to make a call.

Country / Destination Information
Get the information you could need, quickly. Just select your destination out of the 25 European countries covered in the app. You will be able to pick up a huge number of information, for example about the local road rules.

Driving Tips
The Goodyear Road Safety App is full of suggestions, from towing a caravan and loading your car, to travelling with kids and info on how to avoid aquaplaning.

Emergency Tips
For a lot of questions and info on dealing with emergencies or more unexpected situations, the app is ready to offer helpful solutions.

Emergency Phrases
In case of need the emergency phrase translations in the top 5 most widely used European languages are also at hand. Essential phrases are available and can be heard simply by pressing a button.

Holiday Checklist
Plan ahead with the holiday checklist and avoid frustration when realising at your destination that you have forgotten something.

Road Sign Game
In addition to all these helpful tools outlined above the Goodyear Road Safety App with its road sign quiz is also entertaining.


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